Catalina Robayo Panties

Catalina Robayo without Panties - Catalina Robayo of Columbia Miss Universe contestants shocked committee and the Miss Universe Organization committee. She make action to dress without underwear in one of the judging sessions. It is known through the media photographers and displays the images to a newspaper. Robayo who wore the orange dress looks with no panties on and smiled happily. Pictures taken at the School of Samba Rosas de Ouro, Sao Paulo seems clearly shows Robayo Catalina photo without underwear and do not try to cover it, and she smiling happily. Miss Universe as a contest for the most beautiful woman in the world always show women with the ideal size in the range of the judging session and to wear sexy clothes. But the scandal or the case of Colombia Miss Universe contestants without underwear is something very shameful. Possibility she can not be the winner of Miss Universe 2011. Catalina Robayo Miss Universe Colombia Underwear Look the other photo Catalina Robayo no panties